Your website is key to the success of your business and whether you have just launched a new site or you need to increase traffic to your existing website online marketing is going to be extremely important. There many different ways you can do this including email marketing, blogging and of course SEO.

Marketing your business online can be expensive be it does need to be. In fact sometimes it can be free. There are lots of sites including online directories and social media platforms that allow you to list your business. We have taken the time to list 50 free sites where you can promote your site and it won’t cost you a dime.

Online Directories

If you do a Google search for “online directories” you are going to get a ton of results. Many of they are not worth the time. Some, however, are not only good for finding potential customers but also have great search optimization, or SEO, value. Promoting your business and boosting your Google rankings is a great one-two punch at increase traffic to your website.

Social Media

If you are not using incorporating social media marketing into your marketing strategy you are missing out on a very powerful tool. You can reach a very targeted audience and, just like the above directories, have good SEO value.

Social Bookmarking

These sites are similar to social media sites but are often more like forums and are sometimes curated. They are a good way to promote your business and an easy way to get more links to your website.

Classified Ads Websites

These are a tried a true way of listing your product or services and while some do charge for premium listings the basic listings are often free. This is a quick way of adding a link to your site on high-traffic websites.

If you have a low budget or no budget these free sites should be part of your marketing campaign.

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