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hy A Consultant SEO Company Is Exactly What Your Company Needs

Organic search traffic can make or break small businesses. Yet many small businesses will try and do search engine optimization themselves instead of hiring a consultant SEO company to do the difficult work for them.

Search engine optimization is a lot more than performing some keyword research and then using those words on a web site. If a small business owner wants to win at SEO, he or she can’t possibly devote the time necessary to do it right and still run their business.

This is where a good consultant SEO company enters the picture. Let’s take a look at some of the things that they can take care of for any small business. In order to achieve page one rankings, and a business needs to be on page one to get any organic search traffic, a lot of important SEO strategies must be implemented.

These strategies include proper on-page optimization. A consultant will take a look at things such as the meta tags, page titles, descriptions and keyword use. Keyword use is more than just using the keyword multiple times in the content but also using it in things like header tags and links. The consultant will also look at the internal link structure.

There are also important site factors that the search engines take into consideration. These include factors such as the speed of the site, which is simply how fast it loads for visitors. With more and more site visitors from mobile devices such as smart phones and tables, there are also mobile ranking factors involved as well.

What small business owner can keep up with all of this? This doesn’t even include other important ranking factors such as link building. Links from other high quality, relevant sites also play an important role in search engine rankings. In order for a site to rank well, an SEO consulting company will implement a link building campaign to get quality links back to the relevant pages on the small business owner’s web site.

Another ranking factor that has grown in importance is social media. This means things like shares or likes from sites like Facebook, or pins from sites like Pinterest, also affect search engine rankings. The SEO consultant will also monitor and grow social media ranking factors to improve search engine rankings.

By hiring a consultant to implement a comprehensive search engine optimization plan that includes all of the above, small business owners can focus on what they do best, while benefiting from all the new traffic and customer leads that they will get from improved search engine rankings.

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