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ou might already know that 9 out of 10 consumers research businesses online before making a decision about which products and services to spend their money on. This makes SEO paramount to your marketing strategy and overall success in the current economy. However, even if you know it’s important, you might not know what specifically a search engine optimization company can do for your business. Keep reading into the following paragraphs while I layout 7 different benefits you can take advantage of:

1) More Online Visibility: The biggest advantage of using an SEO service is moving your website up the search engine rankings so you get more visibility. I read at HubSpot that three-quarters of all online users don’t bother going past the initial page of search results, and I can also tell you from personal experience that most of them don’t even scroll down the first page all that much. You have to get to the front page for the right keywords and then move up it, or people just won’t even know you exist in the first place.

2) More Traffic: This is closely related to more visibility. The first link on any page gets a third of all the traffic, whereas everything on page two or after has to duke it out for less than 10 percent of all traffic.

3) Increased Social Media Engagement: Precision keyword research gets your social media content noticed. Social media is the new word-of-mouth advertising where you can engender trust in your business.

4) Establish A Local Presence: Nearly a third of all Google mobile searches are now local searches. If your company has a physical location you’re trying to grow, then I implore you to follow through with this. Even if you don’t have a brick-and-mortar location, but just a service area, local SEO is still crucial.

5) Make Yourself An Authority: Google doesn’t just count backlinks in determining rankings anymore. Instead, websites that are useful to users, particularly in answering questions that educate, empower, and help people, are the ones getting search engine love. Create this kind of content, and your company will grow credibility in your industry.

6) Enhanced Website Functions: Half of SEO happens right on your website. I shock people when I point that they lose half their online sales just because their visitors can’t find something. Easy accessibility, fast loading times, and clear navigation do a lot to keep consumers in your funnel instead of someone else’s.

7) Help You Learn More About Your Customers: The right SEO company uses things like Google Analytics to learn about the online activities of your visitors. When you know what they do online, where they spend most of their time, and which pages they visit more than others, you can tailor your own products and services to better suit their needs.

Having read all of this, you are now aware of 7 different things the right search engine optimization company can do for you. I hope you take them to heart and find the right one for your business. Good luck!

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