With very few exceptions, based on your geographic location, the field of personal injury law is very competitive. While there are many avenues and strategies law firms can use to acquire new clients, having excellent visibility in search engines like Google is vital. For any lawyer SEO should be part of your overall digital marketing campaign and the techniques we us are the same no matter which type of law you practice.

Over the years we have worked with personal injury lawyers to improve their Google rankings, increase overall search engine visibility and drive targeted traffic to their websites. WebClimb is a lawyer SEO expert with the knowledge and experience necessary for online law firm marketing. Below is just one example:

Top 10 and Overall Google Ranking Improvements

Here are examples of the increase in both the number of top 10 (page 1 of Google) and overall number of keyword phrases for a personal injury law firm in the Toronto area.

As you can see site is ranking for 23 top 10 positions and Google is also ranking this site for total of 842 keyword phrases

Three months later we see an increase of top 10 positions by 65% and an overall rankings increase of 40%. Some of the top 10 Google rankings include the phrases “personal injury firms”, “personal injury firms” and “personal injury Toronto”.

Moving forward in time a bit more we see another increase of top 10 positions by 113% and an overall rankings increase of 4%. The smaller overall increase indicates that we are close the peak of the number of keyword phrases we can possibly rank for with the current amount of content on the site. Some of these top 10 Google rankings include the phrases “best personal injury lawyer”, “personal injury law firm”, “personal injury firms Toronto” and “personal injury Toronto”.

This represents a 45% increase in website traffic. The time it takes to get to rank for any keyword phrase can vary based on the competition of a given keyword phrase and quality of the content of the website. It can take longer or shorter to rank for a particular phrase, but steady can consistent work can get the job done.

How We Did It

  1. Content – The site needs to to have quality content based on the keyword phrases you wish to target. We make sure the content itself is optimized before we move on to step 2.
  2. Linking – This is the the key to success. The more high quality links a site receives the more authority that site has in the eyes of Google. Our strategy is proven, long lasting and effective. These links are content based and exclusive to us which gives us total control as well as a quick turn around. We use only highly links pointing directly to our client’s website.
  3. Rinse Repeat –  Content on the site is reviewed to see if any other changes or adjustments need to be made. Then more links are built. This happens month after month and over time a strong SEO profile is built.

For more information on how we can achieve these results for your website please feel free to contact us for a free consultation.